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Writing Tips for Email Marketing

If you have their email addresses, email marketing can generate perhaps the highest return on investment (ROI) you can get. 1000% to 5000% returns are achieved by some clients!

Here are some tips for what to say and how to say it:

  1. Make it interesting, useful, and attention-getting. Your readers will unsubscribe if it seems pushy.
  2. Remember, "short is sweet". Compared to printed newsletters, write about half as much.
  3. People read email using their mobile devices.Expect that 60% or more of your readers will be looking at your newsletter on their mobile device. This pie chart shows the results of the most recent newsletter for one of our clients with 61.3% read on mobile.
  4. Bullet points and lists, not paragraphs.
  5. It's going to be viewed on a screen, not on paper. Your readers cannot read down one column, then easily jump back up to the top of the next column. Fancy formtting is your enemy... make it simple.
  6. Regular contact is important, if you want to take advantage of one of today's most economical and successful marketing tools.

Coming soon: How to reach out to your website visitors, when you don't have their email address.

Why email marketing?

Sometimes it is procrastination. (Like, this article was planned for weeks ago!)

Other times, the decision was made, but for a future date, and a timely reminder is all it takes.

Hirsch's newsletterMore often, whether it is a vacation destination, a home improvement project, or what to serve when some friends come for dinner this weekend, people turn to Google when they start thinking about it, possibly weeks or months in advance.

That's great for getting people to your website. But will they come back when it's time to buy, or will they go back to Google, and find another source for what they were seeking?

The best ROI, by far

If you offer your visitors a compelling reason to give you their email address when they visit your site, you can stay in touch with them, with a friendly and helpful newsletter.

One of our long-time clients, Hirsch's Meats, sends their customers a weekly newsletter, with a few weekly specials and a mouth-watering recipe that uses one of the featured products.

What happens? Those who hadn't thought about it are now exposed to a tasty option for a special meal. Anyone already planning such a meal are reminded to stop by the shop. Either way, the customers win, and so does the shop.

No one gets the newsletter unless they have expressed an interest. The business owner can easily track the redemptions of the "specials" at the shop, and also monitor how many of his customers open the newsletter.

Open rate for Hirsch's newsletterIt's effective and measurable.

The cost is just a penny or two per customer who actually opened the newsletter.

The ROI can be easily monitored.

Customers can unsubscribe with just a click.

Talk to us if you would like to incorporate this tool in your business.

Coming soon: Tips for writing an email newsletter.


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